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Resources for Job Seekers

Find local resources and supports to help you with your job search or training needs.

Do you have a great resource or support program for job seekers you’d like to share with us?

Employment Journey

Employment Journey is an excellent resource for career planning and job seeking on Prince Edward Island.

eForce PEI

eForcePEI provides job seekers, current employees, businesses and non-profit groups with FREE eLearning programs.

Community Navigators

CBDC Navigators

Get answers to questions and access to helpful resources when settling in rural Prince Edward Island.

Career Connect

Career Connect provides an opportunity to receive EI benefits while pursuing a post-secondary education.

Graduate Mentorship

Graduate Mentorship provides recent post-secondary grads with opportunities in their field of study.

Work Experience

Work Experience PEI provides job seekers with an opportunity to work on a project for a local organization.

Self Employ

Self Employ PEI

Self Employ PEI provides financial support and advice to job seekers who want to launch their own businesses.

Employment Standards

Employment Standards

PEI Workers’ rights are protected under legislation which clarifies the rights of employees and employers.